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Shellac Finishes supplies fresh Shellac Flakes for wood finishing, furniture finish, cabinet polish, guitar finishing & antique furniture restoration. 

Our Shellac is manufactured in Eastern India. We are direct shellac importers, enabling us to provide you with the freshest, top quality dewaxed shellac flakes at the best prices.

Royal-Lac and Seal-Lac, our “ready to be used out of the jar” finishes caters to the “do it your self” individual who is quality conscious and fiscally conservative.

As a company we are continually striving to ignite awareness about using a all natural product that indirectly helps deforestation.



At Shellacfinishes, we work hard to bring you the best products at the best price. The Introduction of our two new products, Royal-Lac and Seal-Lac, add a new dimension to the wood finishing industry. Our products benefit the finisher and the cultivators of shellac as a whole. Our consumption of naturally cultivated shellac, given to us by Mother Nature, encourages a sustainable life for the cultivators by discouraging deforestation for agriculture and industrial use. Our entire planet is affected by deforestation. We at Shellacfinishes work to save our natural resources.


1ShellacFinishes strives for continuous evolvement of various shellac based products beneficial to all while preserving simplicity in application.


  • Robert O'Brien
    O’Brien Guitars

    “Here are the results of the sample boards I did using Royal-Lac. The spruce was brushed and padded on then leveled and buffed by hand. The rosewood samples were sprayed and French polished. The sprayed one was leveled and buffed by hand. All results are nice. The product is indeed alcohol and heat resistant which is nice. Congrats on a nice product.”

  • Peter Gedreys

    As a proponent of shellac finishes, I was impressed with Royal Lac the first time I used it. It brushed well and was very easy to apply with a pad. The finish it produces is heat and alcohol resistant.
    To test a Royal Lac finish I let it sit a for a few weeks, poured denatured alcohol on the surface and let it sit for a couple of minutes. When I wiped it clean, there was no discernible damage to the finish.
    I’m impressed and look forward to working with it.

  • Scott Doyle
    Rosini Antiques

    “Just wanted to say thanks for the video. Was able to pick up some helpful tips from it. Very professional, great pictures and sound. For as long as I’ve been restoring furniture (almost 20 yrs), French polishing has given me the most struggle. Although my clients were very happy, I was never satisfied and knew it could and should be better. Anyways, I got your video just as I was reconditioning a large mahogany dining table. Applied some of your techniques that I was missing. End result was the best French polishing I ever applied.”

  • Frank Klausz

    “Vijay Velji’s DVD gives a clear understanding how to use shellac, to do french polishing, and he conveys what a beautiful and durable finish shellac is! I recommend it very highly for a professional or a beginner.”

  • Patrick Edwards
    Antique Refinishers inc

    “I was very impressed with the methods used in the video French Polish Like a Pro!. The final results visible on the mahogany card table are dramatic. This video will be an inspiration to all period wood finishers who aspire to perfection in their craft.”

  • FW_logo

    Ed Pirnik, Web Producer, Fine Woodworking Magazine

    Mark Schofield, Managing Editor, Fine Woodworking Magazine

  • Fallon and Wilkinson, LLC
    Furniture Conservators

    “I just had the perfect opportunity for using Royal-lac; I was on-site in a NYC appt, and had to polish out a large rectangular antique farm table that had sustained some heat marks and water rings on the top. We cleaned the surface with naphtha, a little water and detergent, and lightly cut the top with 400 grit paper, followed by a light padding with the Royal-lac. The product worked very well, it padded very nicely, had minimal odor, was clear and had a nice sheen. We returned the following week and lightly steel wooled and waxed the top to slightly modulate the gloss. The table looks great, is holding up well and the client is pleased. Thanks again and we will be ordering more of this product.”
    Fallon and Wilkinson

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