Fallon and Wilkinson

Fallon and WilkinsonApril 16, 2014

Testimonial - By: admin
Fallon and Wilkinson, LLC
Furniture Conservators

“I just had the perfect opportunity for using Royal-lac; I was on-site in a NYC appt, and had to polish out a large rectangular antique farm table that had sustained some heat marks and water rings on the top. We cleaned the surface with naphtha, a little water and detergent, and lightly cut the top with 400 grit paper, followed by a light padding with the Royal-lac. The product worked very well, it padded very nicely, had minimal odor, was clear and had a nice sheen. We returned the following week and lightly steel wooled and waxed the top to slightly modulate the gloss. The table looks great, is holding up well and the client is pleased. Thanks again and we will be ordering more of this product.”
Fallon and Wilkinson