October 21, 2014

My apologies for not writing for nearly 3 weeks.  As stated in my last post, I have been working on packaging Royal-Lac in aerosol cans. It has taken up a lot of my time in terms of regulation, aerosol technology and a lot more. But I am getting close.

This is a product that Arts and Crafts folks would like to have. I was at the San Diego Gourd Patch meeting last weekend with all those lovely ladies and they were clamoring to get their hands on my sample. Scroll Saw artists are also very enthusiastic about it. I believe painters would also find a need for it for sealing and finishing their art to make it durable. Any painters out there who can give suggestions??

Anyways, its under test as of now and will soon be available.


October 26, 2014

A few days back I received some photos from Robert O’Brien of the Maple guitar that he finished with Seal-Lac and Royal-Lac. This is the same guitar featured in the video that can be viewed on my and his website where he demonstrates how to apply Seal-Lac and Royal-Lac. I’ll let the photos do the talking. But wait!, I also received a email from him where he states: ” I was amazed at the maple guitar when I saw it again today. The finish looks brand new still “.


DSC01561 (640x427)


DSC01556 (640x427)


DSC01546 (640x427)


DSC01538 (640x427)


DSC01534 (640x427)


DSC01511 (640x427)


DSC01508 (640x427)


DSC01503 (640x427)


DSC01499 (640x427)


DSC01491 (640x427)




  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Super Blonde

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Super Blonde
  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Orange

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Orange
  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Garnet

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Garnet
  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Beige

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Beige
  • 200 Proof Alcohol

    200 Proof Alcohol
  • Seal-Lac

  • Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

    Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

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