July 13, 2015

Today I got a email from Peter about his experience with Seal-Lac. He is building a guitar and has completed the first step of applying Seal-Lac. His next step of Royal-Lac application will follow soon. Here is what he has to say with some shots of the guitar.

I just started the finishing stage of my first build, mahogany b/s, Adirondack top, and not having done FP, shellac, etc., was wondering how it would go. I’ve re-finished a lot of furniture, but this is different. I have to say the Shellac Finishes products are just outstanding. Following Robbie’s FP method, I used the Garnet shellac and cocobolo dust to pore fill and that went as expected.The cocobolo actually added a nice depth to the mahogany that mahogany dust did not. I did about 4 passes and got a good fill and decent level at that point. Initial seal with a light coat of shellac in prep for Seal-Lac.

This stuff is fantastic! I was careful in my prep work so I had a good surface to work with.The pictures are Seal-Lac only, no topcoat yet which I’m planning to use Royal-Lac in the spray can, although I really like the FP pad method. There are 6 coats of seal-lac on the guitar. The first 3 initial builds and 400 grit light sanding between coats. The last three, more build with 600 grit wet sand between coats. I’ve paid attention to leveling, but more so to building the seal finish. I am really pleased with the results so far and looking forward to the Royal Lac application – the products go on beautifully, self level to a point, and create a lovely finish, and are really easy to apply if you follow the FP method.

As a first time user of these products, I’m really pleased and impressed with the ease of application, quality of result, and most of all, the look.So all you FP newbies out there, dive in, it;s a great process and use the Shellac Finishes products.


Peter Streit
Colleyville, TX

PS the blob in the middle of the back is “squirrelly grain”

July 27 Update from him:

I ran out of Royal Lac aerosol with maybe 2 coats to go this weekend so I just ordered both aerosol and can versions. BTW, I think you should recommend 3 cans of aerosol for a guitar – 2 cans could get it done I suppose if you’re an expert sprayer and everything goes exactly 100% perfectly, but 3 gets it done with room to spare.

The finish layered beautifully and leveled well – the only problems I encountered were my doing from lack of experience. I have only hand finished furniture in the past, never using spray techniques. I found the aerosol applied easily and evenly. Once I got a few coats on, I had no problems at all. Very little dripping. It also dries fast and after just one night’s curing, gets really hard. I particularly like the way it wet sands – it responds very well, especially to the finer grits. The last few coats I’ve been using 1200 and it sands beautifully – I apply no pressure at all, just move the sanding block across the surface and let the paper do the work and have great results.

This is a mahogany back and sides so the wood absorbed the product somewhat unevenly, but no big deal. The top is Adirondack and it has turned out fantastic – I’m done with that, just need a few more layers on the back and sides.

Thanks again,


pict1 pict2

July 10, 2015

Kent Adkins, a first time use of Royal-Lac sent me the following photographs of his new project. He still plans on padding on a few more coats.

pict3 pict4 pict5 pict6 pict7

July 27, 2015

Eric took a French Polishing class from me a few months back. He has been practicing and now wants to show case his new B bookshelf finished with Royal-Lac.

Eric Wrote: ”

I recently completed a bookcase constructed from Honduras Mahogany and for the finish, I wanted to use Shellac.  After seeing Vijay demonstrate Royal-Lac, I was amazed at how easy it was to apply and I decided to try it out.

I called Vijay and he provided instructions on how to prepare the surface and apply Royal-Lac.  After sanding the entire surface smooth, I  applied Seal-Lac to seal the surface.  Then I started to build up the finish by brushing on Royal-Lac.  After each application, I wet sanded the entire surface again.  Drips and runs sanded out easily and the finish was very clear.  I applied the final coat with a rag and was able to achieve a smooth and clear finish.  The grain in the Mahogany really stands out.

I found Royal-Lac very easy to use and I am currently planning to build a chest of drawers out of Curly Maple in which I will again finish with Royal-Lac.”

Eric Waltzer


  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Super Blonde

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Super Blonde
  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Orange

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Orange
  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Garnet

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Garnet
  • Royal-Lac Dewaxed Beige

    Royal-Lac Dewaxed Beige
  • 200 Proof Alcohol

    200 Proof Alcohol
  • Seal-Lac

  • Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

    Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

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